Why Apply?

apply todayDo you feel like you have knowledge to share with the world that could help someone?

Are you certified in a health, fitness, or wellness program and would like to teach others without a huge investment in a brick and mortar shop or website?

Are you interested in moving your business online to expand your customer base and gain more clients?

Do you want to keep 95% of  commission for all your hard work?

Then this is the place for you. We are looking for mindful people just like you! 

Apply today to be a part of our team here at The Yogic Flow Online Institute for Mindful Living. We are always looking for new and exciting programs, products, and services that offer a path to mindfulness. Apply Today!

Apply to be a Conscientious Instructor 1Being an Instructor is a simple and easy process.

Simply fill out the form and submit your application and get to work! We just have a few rules and guidelines listed below:

1. Instructors are required to post at a 2:1 ratio of paid to free class. Basically, for every 2 paid classes you must offer 1 free class so our members can benefit from our services.

2. All instructors are liable for maintaining their own insurance. The Yogic Flow Online Institute for Mindful Living holds no liability or responsibility for injuries obtained either by instructors or their students.

3. No pornography, nudity, violence, adult language, sexual violence, or live streaming of any of these behaviors is tolerated. The penalty could be removal of your account.

4. Instructors must maintain an active account in good standing in order to continue offering paid courses and products.

Apply to be a Conscientious Instructor 3Our Institute has a comprehensive training guide to get all instructors up and running in no time. Our system is virtually “plug and play.” If you have internet, a device to create media and post from, and a will to make the world a better place, then this is for you.

Once you apply to be an Instructor you will get exclusive access to our training materials to help you build your catalog of courses and products to offer your students. After you are ready to launch you can publish as an instructor and start earning. So, hurry up and get started. 


Instructor Application

This will give the purchaser access to the Institute dashboard and training materials to begin the curriculum. If being an Instructor is not feasible at this time, we have other options for you, including free. Check them out here!