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Open, Expand, and Calm Mediatation


Outdoor Sounds Neuro Sequencing Theta Meditation

Start this meditation in a seated or lying position and imagine you are in the middle of the rainforest with an approaching storm.


Frequencies in Open, Expand, and Calm – Rain Forest Thunderstorm (in consecutive order):

7.83 – Schumann Earth Resonance

7.5 – Activate creative thought

6.5 – Activate frontal lobe

6.15 – Feelings associated with the heart

6.88 – Inner balance and calmness

4.9 – Introspection, relaxation, and meditation

7.83 – Schumann Earth Resonance

I designed this meditation to help relax, become happy and accept those feelings.  This is Schumann Earth Resonance Theta Meditation that guides you into creative thoughts and activate your frontal lobe, opening feelings of love while creating inner balance and calmness that dives into introspection relaxation and meditation techniques. During this meditation simply come to a relaxed position, close the eyes, and begin steady diaphragmatic breath (see my article here for this technique) and imagine you are by yourself in the middle of the rain forest at night and in the distance is an approaching thunderstorm. This represents your troubles and worries. As the sounds approach, they get louder but then pass, continuing to move on and out of your mind and life.


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